Your Talent Pool to finally
sort out recruitment

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SplendUp is the first all-in-one Talent Pool platform designed for VC & corporate talent teams to level up their Talent Support across their entities

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Power effective A-player hiring across your ecosystem

Offer your entities a pool of Top Talents at their fingertips: a Marketplace to hire now & later

Drop the CV chaos and focus on high-value tasks

Instead of dispatching CVs, spend time engaging your ecosystem & strengthening your brand

Finally get an ROI on Talent Acquisition efforts across

Join your entities' Talent Acquisition efforts and share the cost of a single subscription

The all-in-one white-label Talent Pool solution you were after

What if you could effectively maximize the value of
100% of the talent connections made across your entities?

With SplendUp, you and your entities just add them to the Shared Talent Pool,
so that the value of every talent connection is maximized for all.


All the talents met & recommended across your ecosystem are invited to join a shared Talent Pool


Your companies access this Talent Marketplace.
You share them tailored recommendations in one click


The talents not recruited now join your companies' Talent Pool: they are kept active & engaged in your ecosystem!