Pricing Plan

Up to 25 Teams or 3 Licences

All the core features you need to gather talents and connect them to your companies

SET UP: Full Portal & Email Branding
GATHER: Multi-channel Sign ups & Validation; Company Profile Publication
CONNECT: Talent Search, Talent Streams, Job Opportunity; Recommendations, Notes & Tags & more!
NURTURE: Smart Job Updates & Notifications; Company Talent Pools
MONITOR: Community & Hiring Tracking; Admin Dashboard
100+ Companies / Enterprise

All the SUPERB features + tailored support to deploy at scale in no time. The all-all-in-one solution!

$ Custom
SET UP: Personalized Onboarding (eg, live sessions)
GATHER: LinkedIn Integration
CONNECT: Custom Integrations
NURTURE: Community Set Up & Launch Support
MONITOR: Monthly Activity Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do we mean by fully white-label?

You can customize pretty much everything: the overall look & feel, onboarding profile questions & what you want to capture, the sign up & welcoming pages, emails, etc.! To the point that it'b hard to know that it's your team who built it!

3. What are the steps to deploy SplendUp?

We’ll support you throughout so that you make the most of SplendUp:

You get access to SplendUp right away. You’ll tell us how you want to configure and use SplendUp in a Kick Off call. We take care of the set-up straightaway.

This is the time where you launch & ramp up the Talent Hub, inviting the first talent and a few traiblazer startups. We also use this time to capture integration needs and prepare together the full startup onboarding with our ready-to-deploy comms kit.

Here, we invite all the startups onto SplendUp, sharing the onboarding kit with dedicated live demo & Q&A sessions, a dedicated support channel, and more!

#4. USAGE:
We track the activity and value delivered together: you’ll have everything you need to Capture any feedback and suggestions for enhancement in monthly.

5. What geographic coverage do you have?

VCs and incubators using SplendUp have portfolios spanning across… well the world - across the 5 continents to be accurate. Startups from the US and Europe are in larger proportion but our platform is fully geo-agnostic.

We can also work with you to address any local specificities including language, specific regulatory requirements (GDPR, DE&I survey…).

7. What if I mention SplendUp to my network?

Of course, we'll reward you for helping us! We'll offer you some service perks (eg, one custom integration or equivalent) and will offer you a 25% discount on your subscription over 3 months, if this referral brings us a new client!

For this, just share Laurie's (SplendUp CEO) contact details and make sure your contact mentions on the first connection that their are coming from you: laurie@splendup. co or even better: schedule a quick chat here. 5min? 15min? 30min? You decide!

2. What tools do you integrate with?

Our integrations are detailed here and covered leading ATSs, LinkedIn, sign-up & community tools.

ATS integrations enable us to import existing job opportunities and their status, send back candidates from SplendUp to your portcos ATS as well as add known talent onto SplendUp in one click.

The good news is we only need 2 weeks to build new ones, and offer integration add-ons to best integrate into your portcos’s landscape.

So the right answer is: we integrate with all the tools you may find valuable.

4. How long does it take to deploy SplendUp?

Including the free trial, we’re looking at 6 weeks to deploy SplendUp, including a 4-week trial, but we can go mush faster if you want to!

#1. INITIAL ACESS & SET UP: 38 minutes - litterally
to get access + 55 minutes to set up the platform once we have your input

4 weeks, at the end of which we confirm all the value SplendUp will bring you!

We usually do this over 2 weeks: invitation email with a 15 min demo video and:or live session followed by at least one Q&A session two weeks later. We taylor this to the context, your portfolio size and preferences. For large portfolios, we offer multiple live Q&A sessions.

#4. USAGE:
Well... forever of course. Long live our partnership!

6. What can I do if I'm really keen to know more?

Reach out to Laurie's SplendUp CEO: or even better: schedule a quick chat here. 5min? 15min? 30min? You decide!

8. What can I do if I have another question?

Reach out to Laurie's SplendUp CEO: laurie@splendup. co or even better: schedule a quick chat here. 5min? 15min? 30min? You decide!

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